Creativity and innovation

Green Turn is committed to a policy of investments and innovation. This commitment has enabled Green Turn to protect several innovations in Europe and the US. The innovation strategy of Green Turn rests on the acknowledgement of various factors: the design, the ease of use, the welfare of plants, the saving of energy and the reduction in production costs. Its objective is to only put forward innovative products.

French products designed for our customers

Suppliers: French companies
The Green Turn products are entirely made in France. We wish to promote the maximum know-how of French companies in as many fields as possible. The fabrication of our moulds, the plastic injection, the cardboard packaging, etc. every stage of the production is carried out in France.

Studies carried out on our customers
In order to offer quality products, studies were carried out on consumers so that products answer their needs perfectly.

Our products respect the environment

The products are 100% recyclable

The flower-pot holders and the containers are made of plastic recycled within the waste disposal cycle.
We only put on the market products which are 100% recyclable.
We meet our ecological obligations.
We pay contributions to the eco-organization Eco-Emballage. We contribute to the recycling of packaging put on the market.


Re-install plants indoors
One of the main objectives of the company is to bring plants back into your homes. In a society where greenery is disappearing from our environment, we wish to bring plants back in the environment where we live.

Human qualities

Professional commitment and team spirit

As representatives of Green Turn, its values and its image, we all behave with dignity in the performance of our duties. All members of the Green Turn team are committed to applying their expertise in a spirit of solidarity for the success of the company.


Close collaboration with our suppliers/colleagues
To create a quality product we work in close collaboration with our subcontractors who provide invaluable advice. They apply their know-how to benefit the product and guarantee a reliable and functional product for the customer.